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Lemony Cricket

Well after much anticipation, the beloved Lemony Cricket bug oil is back in stock! I just finished mixing and labeling twenty-three bottles of it this morning. However, after a FB post announcing it's availability, over a dozen were sold. I will do my very best to keep this in stock continuously throughout the next several months! Be sure to like our FB page to receive updates on this truly amazing product.

What is Lemony Cricket? Well, simply put. . .it's incredible! The blend is quite unique and includes various essential oils that keep the buggies away. Lemongrass, citronella, and lavender are the main components of this blend as well as coconut oil. We don't want you to smell like a citronella candle so we've added a hint of vanilla to smooth it out.

Over the years this has been a beloved product of our customers and has gained more and more popularity as we travel around to festivals and markets. It's also been reviewed as being one of 10 must haves for festival goers! You can read the article here:

Lemony Cricket is truly a universal product and has been used on people of all ages! We even rub it on our face!!! One innovative way to use Lemony Cricket is to burn it in a tea light candle on the deck for those twilight moments. . .or just a regular every day cookout.

We know you will love your Lemony Cricket as much as we have, and can't wait for you to share your experiences with us!

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